Nov 06 2017

Dangerous Lawn Ornaments

Dogs can find the most unusual things to get hurt on. Meet Boogie:

He went outside in a fenced yard, in the dark, for 2 minutes to do his morning business. He came in looking like this!

After examining Boogie, Dr. Hastings’ only conclusion was that he must have caught himself on something as he was running by, but the culprit was unknown. His Mom mentioned that they have had deer in the yard and with this being their breeding season, we could not rule out an angry buck.
After the sun came up, Mom was able to get a closer look around the yard and sent us pictures of the suspect in question:

Who would have guessed that this could create Boogie’s misfortune?

Boogie got all stitched up and was sent home. He is expected to make a full recovery with the exception of a big scar to show off to his friends!

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